Case Study: Variable Data Printing Helps Leading IFA Group

Our client operates within the wealth management sector and is one of the leading IFA groups in the UK. They offer their customers the enviable advantage of a large firm structure, meaning their advisers can do what they do best: advise!

Here’s what they wanted us to do:

Direct mail marketing has traditionally offered one of the best returns when prospecting for IFAs, but given the number of variables involved, our client had concluded that it was better to manage direct mail independently by adviser rather than at a group level.

Whilst this still offered a good response, it was expensive and difficult to manage a unified message. However, the client wanted suggestions to improve this process, and this was one area we knew Flow could help.

Here’s how we did it:

With over 250 IFAs sending from independent addresses, we needed to tackle this digitally with powerful VDP (variable data printing) software capable of merging hundreds of data fields and matching them with the correct images and personal data variations to both the recipient and the sender.

An intricate template we set up held all existing sender variations, and new IFAs could be added to it quickly and easily.

Here’s what happened:

We helped reduce postal costs by 50%. In addition, the message for the group was now easily unified, giving the central marketing team the tools to communicate quickly and cost-effectively on behalf of each IFA. Because this was bespoke to each sender where specific information, images, logos and offers were required, these could be maintained or added with the minimum of time and expense.